Our Approach

Art is my passion! I believe that everyone can learn how to make art and enjoy the satisfaction and joy of creating something with your own two hands!

I believe in giving students the guiding principles to what makes a work of art great and then allowing them to express their own unique style.

Art Works Story

I started  teaching art classes in my home when my children were young. Once they began school I went back and began teaching art in the public school system. I continued the art classes at home and when I retired after 30+ years of teaching I wanted  more for our community and expanding the opportunities for people to find their inner artist!

Meet the Founder

Betsy Nelson

With over 30 years experience in teaching art in Vero Beach and North Carolina, Betsy has guided many a young student to become award winning artists! Betsy, a Stetson graduate,has taught at the VBMA and is currently the art instructor at the A rated Osceola Magnet School. As Art Coordinator for the school district, Betsy mentors new art teachers, and sets up art exhibitions throughout the year.


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